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Highly focused upon the Automotive Industry, MMPE industrial products have evolved as unique solutions to specific problems encountered in the storage, transportation and handling of assembly line parts.

The MMPE method-of-operation is to qualify problem area/functions, then charge our engineering team to provide alternatives. This ongoing process has resulted in dedicated products which provide measurable ergonomic benefits and enhanced operational performance, resulting in optimum return-on-investment for our customers.

Flow Control Racks

Whether your requirements are for line-side feed racks (LineFlowTM), bulk storage facilities (StorFlowTM) or a special application (CustomFlowTM), MMPE will provide a product to suit your needs.


A pioneering development in simplicity and efficiency.

The result of multi year collaboration with automotive industry material control personnel intent upon designing a gravity flow line-side feed rack, which would remedy the problems of existing equipment.

LineFlowTM is a patented, boltless design which snaps together in minutes and provides multiple configurations to suit the productivity needs of individual employees.

  Features & Benefits

  • Simple vertical & horizontal shelf adjustment
  • Alternative flow-track designs to accommodate all totes and cartons.
  • Medium & heavy-duty casters for mobility.
  • Powder coat finish in alternative colors
  • Modular assembly of component parts
  • Many options and accessories including: tool holders, computer platforms and electronic ID systems.

Standard sizes range from 24" to 60" wide, up to 70" high and 36" to 84" deep.

Consult for free information:

  • Additional Literature
  • CD instruction Manual
  • Application assistance


    The ultimate "parts supermarket"

    When un-interrupted access to plant parts supply is critical to your operation; select a StorFlowTM rack system from MMPE, where maximum design flexibility and trouble free operation are built in from the start.

    StoreFlowTM is capable of adapting to numerous parts changes in container or package size, density and availability - without the downside of significant reconstruction or outright product replacement.

      Features & Benefits

    Standard Sizes

    Length: 36" to 180"
    Width: 24" to 72"
    Height: 54" to 84"

    Modular design allows components to be connected together to provide a continuous structure, or if required, separated into individual units.

    Flow Control Lanes

    A variety of drop-in wheeled roller tracks and/or wire grid inserts for directional handling of full or empty containers.

    Individual operator can easily change width of flow lanes because no tools are required.

    Adjustable Pick Trays

    The front of each shelf level can be outfitted with 12", 18" or 24" deep trays, providing staggered depth parts picking.

    Each tray has three set points - from horizontal to 45-degree slope for optimum ergonomic positioning of parts.

    Overhead Pallet Storage

    Increase the availability of higher volume parts by storing full pallet loads directly on top of each flow rack.

    High quality steel construction provides the strength necessary to safely support individual pallet loads in excess of 1000 lbs.


    All StorFlowTM racks are powder coated with a premium quality scratch/corrosion resistant finish.

    Standard and custom colors available.

    Consult for free information: Additional literature and Application assistance.


    Dedicated to the needs of your operation.

    In applications where our standard product line does not offer a satisfactory solution, the MMPE engineering and development staff will gladly endeavor to provide alternatives.

    If requested, we will conduct a thorough evaluation at customer facilities followed by a report of findings and proposed recommendations.

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