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Workplace anti-fatigue matting is designed to reduce employee fatigue, eliminate slips and falls, and improve employee morale, all of which contribute to the income status of all businesses. Cashiers, machinists, assembly line workers, and packers all know that working on your feet in one spot all day is very painful. 83% of the industrial workplace has experienced foot, leg, or lower back problems. 35% of the total workdays lost are attributed to injuries caused by slips and falls. This section will help you determine what type of anti-fatigue matting is best suitable at the many complex environmental workstations that our workforce is exposed to.


  • A recent study concluded that workers who stood on anti-fatigue matting during a day's work felt up to 50% less fatigued after a normal eight-hour workday.
  • 83% of the nation's industrial workforce has experienced foot, leg, and lower back problems as a result of fatigue.
  • After four hours in a standing position, the occurrence of foot, leg, and lower back discomfort increased dramatically.
  • In a survey of a typical assembly plant work force, leg discomfort, and lower back fatigue were found to be prevalent among workers.
  • The National Safety Council concluded that the average cost per slip and fall accident was $28,000.

Things to Consider

Many people have their own conclusion to how fatigue affect employees at all levels whose job are performed in a manufacturing type of environment. The following information is from MMP Ergonomics' point of view as to the relationship between fatigue and how fatigue can be reduced by the anti-fatigue matting.

Q - What is fatigue?
A - Weariness of the mind and body due to static standing on hard work surfaces.

Q - What are the primary causes of fatigue?
A - A decrease in circulation of blood flow, which reduces the nutrient supply to muscles.

Q - What are the consequences of fatigue?
A - The most common consequences are: industrial workplace injuries, a reduction of employee production rates, and poor employee morale.

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