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It's a fact, that assembly line operators are going to make errors when picking from among parts which are proximate to each other, and similar in appearance. The solution is to identify the error at the lineside rack, before the part gets installed, through electronic identification and verification of all relevant parts.

MMPE-Autopick - Error Proofing Workstation

"Intelligent parts selection brought to lineside."

  Increase Productivity

  • Error proof each picking task with our patented infrared sensors.
  • Prevent incorrect items from being picked with both audible and visual alarms.
  • Track worker productivity and efficiency
  • Accommodate any combination of small and large bins.

  System Flexibility

  • Easy to follow set-up screens
  • Simple diagnostics to prove system component functionality quickly and easily.
  • Programmable picking modes provide improved operator control
  • Custom software integration is available to link with your existing manufacturing system.
  • Hardware can be retrofitted to existing MMPE workstations.

  System Components

  • Solid state construction that withstands even the harshest manufacturing environment
  • No moving parts to wear out.
  • Remote system setup and troubleshooting capabilities over phone line.
  • Pick indicator and quantity display (up to 99) at each location

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